Getting access to your deck and upper level of the house is sometimes best done with the addition of a staircase and a landing at the top of the stairs. Stairs will vary in height and length depending on the height of the deck and the location of the stairs in relation to the house and deck. You can also have stairs on a deck that is free standing. 

Landings are generally 1000mm x 1000mm square but this can be changed. Landings are made from the same materials as our steel frame decks (Genuine BLUESCOPE Steel) and are designed to compliment your deck project with the same decking material fitted. 

We will assist with the required number of treads and best landing position when we meet with you to determine the best option for your home. Balustrades or handrails provide the edge protection for your deck, If the deck is higher than 1000mm above ground level it is a requirement to have an edge balustrade. 

We provide a number of balustrade options and will discuss the best way to achieve your dream deck. The options below are provided a way to assist with your budget and planning of the project. 

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