Introducing QHI National - Sydney & Newcastle

G'day from QHI National: Sydney and Newcastle

Alright, legends! QHI National is rolling into Sydney and Newcastle, ready to deck out your homes with our ripper home improvement gear. Part of the QHI GROUP crew, we're all about quality and fun, bringing you our top-notch products made from fair dinkum Australian BlueScope steel.

Aussie BlueScope Steel: Tough as Nails

Our patios, pergolas, decks, and carports are fair dinkum Aussie, made with BlueScope steel that's tough as nails. It's built to handle the wild weather of Sydney and the cruisy vibes of Newcastle. Your outdoor spots are gonna look grouse and last longer than your last barbie!

Craftsmanship with a Dash of Charm

Craftsmanship is our go-to move. Whether you're in the hustle of Sydney or soaking up the laid-back vibes of Newcastle, our gear is designed to vibe with your place and add that extra touch of charm. It's all about making your outdoor space as bonza as it can be.

Qhi National Sydney Example1


BlueScope Decks for Easy Living

Imagine this: BlueScope steel decks connecting your indoor and outdoor spaces effortlessly. Not only do they look bloody good, but they're also easy to maintain – perfect for keeping up with the fast-paced lifestyles of Sydney and the easy-going vibes of Newcastle.

Stylish Rides Deserve Stylish Carports

Keep your wheels looking schmick with our carports decked out in 100% Australian BlueScope steel. Whether you're enjoying the Sydney skyline or the coastal breeze in Newcastle, we've got your vehicles covered – literally!

Your Vision, Our BlueScope Vibe

We're not just tradies; we're creators of outdoor magic. Let's team up and make your vision come alive with our exclusive range of gear rocking the finest 100% Australian BlueScope steel. We're all about giving you the best in Sydney and Newcastle!

Qhi National Sydney Example 2


QHI National: Where Innovation Meets Good Vibes

Get ready for the QHI National experience that screams Sydney and Newcastle. Elevate your outdoor game with gear that blends innovation, tradition, and the unbeatable strength of 100% Australian BlueScope steel.

Flick us a message today, and let’s make your outdoor dreams a reality in Sydney and Newcastle. We're all about those good vibes and making your space look sensational!