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Step Treads & Staircases- Supplied & Installed-QHI

Step Treads & Staircases- Supplied & Installed-QHI

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Step Treads & Staircases from $755.00 Inc GST - Includes 2 step treads up to a maximum of 350mm high above ground. This will NOT include the landing at the top of the staircase if required.

The stringers of the staircase are the angled sections that support the step treads. These are made from BOX Steel and hot dipped galvanised for longevity and protection. The base of the stringers generally go into the ground and are are supported by 2 concrete footings however we can also bolt these down to existing concrete ( if the slab is suitable - we can confirm for you)

We install HARDWOOD TREADS onto the stringers - these are 240mm wide, 1000mm in length and 40mm deep. Hardwood is tough and will last for many years. We also fit a non slip grip tape to the leading edge of the tread. This is a building code requirement.

Timber is provided and installed unstained.

We calculate step treads required with the following formula.

1. Calculate the Height of deck - 2400mm

2. Divide by 165mm (Height of treads) = 14.5 - round down to 14.

3. First 2 treads are $600

4. Additional treads are $355 each supplied and installed

5. Total cost is $4,860.00 inc GST Supplied & Installed

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