Why Pay $279? - Here is the secret to saving thousands of dollars.


Click on the Video Link above for an explanation from Scott at QHI National.

We wanted to change the way this industry operates and save you thousands of dollars in the process. 

After 20 years of quoting projects in people's homes the stories we came across from clients talking about the bizarre, funny and sometimes disastrous experiences of getting someone to quote their projects blew our minds. 

From companies who didn't even show up to sales reps pushing the hard sell on people for hours on end. Imagine trying to feed the children at 6pm with a salesman who won't get out of the house? 

So as professionals with thousands of projects under our belts on homes like yours we came up with a BETTER way. 

So lets ask the questions......

Q - Why do sales people and "back of the ute tradies" just not show up? 

A - overbooked, stuck in traffic, don't need the job, not organised and just don't care, 

Q - Why is 1 quote that I got double the other? 

A - Often companies will quote your project based on how much money they think you have and can they sting you for a little more. 

Q - No one seemed to care that I took the morning off work to be here for the quote - then they just didn't show up.

A - Yep exactly, they just didn't care - Brisbane's a big pond and they think you can burn a few people and it just won't matter. 

We say its just not good enough! What's the solution? 

Solutions - the QHI National way. 

It is getting harder & harder every year to do site visits and in home quoting in Brisbane. The traffic is awful, tolls are expensive, there are often only limited windows of opportunity to meet as you are busy with work and family and then they threw COVID at us.

"Do you really want multiple strangers wandering around your home these days trying to work out how much money they can fleece you for?"

We wanted a better way to help the customers who just wanted a price and some design ideas as well as the clients who are ready to move forward and get the project done. 

This is the answer and it works! 

We built a website with hundreds of options - all of them in genuine COLORBOND steel and sustainable hardwood products - fully priced and ready to supply and install. This is actually our 4th website in 7 years. At QHI National we are constantly evolving our shopfront and technology to provide the best experience possible. 

You can pre-emptively lock in any option on our website by purchasing the $279.00 project deposit on the listing. This guarantees you a site visit with an industry professional who will be on time to the meeting. The price is already locked in and you already know the full cost of the project. No one is wasting your time or finding creative ways to get your money. This is all about TRUST. 

Answers and solutions. 

The $279 also comes off the price of the project, so if you are looking at a $5,000 supplied and Installed Patio then the balance owing is $4,721.00 spread over payment stages as outlined in your building contract. WHICH YOU SIGN.

Set payment stages! Set time frames, set price, proper building contract. 

NO SALESMAN - just genuine tradesman and builders. You get an industry professional dripping with qualifications and real world experience at your home to confirm the dimensions and the suitability of the project you have chosen.

We call this our "CHECK MEASURE'  

We confirm colours, time frames, how the project will unfold and most importantly - when you can be enjoying your outdoor lifestyle sooner. 

So compare our prices and our service with your other quotes (if they showed up) and you will see that we have put money in your pocket, saved you time and you can rest assured Brisbane's very best building company are on the job. 

QBCC 1175066. 

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