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Build your dream home now - with QHI NATIONAL.

Welcome to the future of Home Improvements and it's as easy as clicking a button. QHI National have quoted, designed and built thousands of projects on home just like yours for many years. 

We took that experience as well as the feedback from so many great people we have worked for and asked ourselves what can we do to improve the way our clients choose an option?  

This is that solution..... 

Our website has been designed to give you instant and accurate quotations for a massive range of Home Improvement Projects. Hundreds and hundreds of pre priced options quoted accurately for all applications. 

In the old days you would ring 5 companies, you might get 3 to show up, 1 wouldn't even bother returning the quote and the 2 prices you do get would be 100% different. How is that helping? It adds to confusion and makes the idea of completing your dream home a nightmare. 

You are now more confused than ever, have no idea what you should pay and cant get straight answers.  

What is the Solution? - QHI NATIONAL.

Our process is simple and its simple because we have the experience and time in the industry to make this process simple. 

Its your hard earned money so lets make sure you get the biggest bang for buck possible, reduce wasted time and have a clear and accurate answer to move forward with. 

So what's next? 

1. Go through our extensive product range and find the option you like. 

2. All of our products are pre priced! Which means you are looking at a complete supply and install solution fully costed right now. No more waiting for a quote. 

Question? How do you know the quote is accurate?  Despite some of the misinformation a lot of other companies spread - Home Improvements shouldn't be complicated and the majority of what we supply and install rarely ever changes in price once we visit your home to confirm everything.

Yes - we can move posts, adjust height, add lights, arrange the building approvals or add extra roofing. Nothing is too hard. Our system is designed for efficiency and cost savings for you. 

Contactless quoting - As licensed builders with years of experience we have perfected the method of quoting from photos and online resources. This saves you money and time. We can do custom quotes remotely and give you accurate reliable answers quickly and efficiently. No more waiting for a salesman to turn up. Our design team and website is 24/7. 

At QHI National you have a team of talented and creative individuals who specialise in creating amazing home improvement projects on time and on budget.

Our Builder's license and commitment to you 

QHI National is proud of its builder’s licence and clean work record in our industry. We are completely debt free, fully financial and well managed to ensure your project is in safe hands all the way to final handover.

Why do we mention these points? Well recent changes to Builders licensing in Queensland, NSW and Victoria have made it easier for very average builders to upgrade their licences without full financial backing.
These builders are risky and don’t have the assets or the cash flow to support the work they take on.

Prior to these recent changes, building companies like ours had to provide Full Financial disclosure and reporting by an independent accountant annually to meet our licence compliance requirements.
Now all that is required is a “Self-reporting assessment” meaning that someone can fudge the figures to take on more work than they are licensed to do.

We often ask how this was allowed to happen?

You need to be sure your chosen builder is financial, licensed and has a track record of project completion before making your decision to move forward.
At QHI National we offer full disclosure and hold our licence with pride and commitment to the end result.

Save thousands of dollars - days of time -reduce the hassle and experience the QHI National difference in your life today.  

Who are QHI National? click on this video link to find out more.

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