You have landed on the Number 1 most popular product in our range. QHI National deck and roof combinations are the best way to add space - value -and beauty to your home. 

Matching a steel frame deck with a roof option doesn't have to be difficult or problematic. We provide the complete package of engineering and building approvals to keep your project on track and on budget.  

We have pre-priced a bunch of our most popular sizes from the many thousands we have built over the years. Giving you a fantastic idea of price point for a completed project. 


Each of our listings detail the exact specifications of the combination. This includes an N2 wind rating and full engineering compliance. Upgrades to higher wind rating are also available. A covered deck for your home is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy your outdoor living areas. QHI National build stylish and durable decks in hardwood or steel. Combining steel with timber gives us flexibility in design and finish for a modern appearance.

We love the strength of Hardwood laminated posts and often combine them with our steel frame deck options as they will not warp or twist with time. 

QHI National decks are outstanding quality – we use the finest materials for all our decks and patios- only 100% Australian Made Steel!

We build and design decks in such a way that it looks as if the deck and house were built together, matching in design and appearance where required or taking a completely new style and blending with a traditional home. 

A well made deck and roof combination is a profitable reward to your hard work and reflects the beauty of your home in our gorgeous Queensland climate. We really encourage home owners to see a deck as an investment which will add to retail value of  the property. 

You can have peace of mind that all our decks are fully engineered and backed by a range of manufacturers warranties. QHI National will also take care of all of your council approval requirements as part of our management of the project.

Collection: Deck and Roof Combinations.