Hardwood & Steel - A match made in heaven


A covered deck for your home is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy your outdoor living areas.

QHI National build stylish and durable decks in hardwood or steel.
Combining steel with timber gives us flexibility in design and finish for a modern appearance.
We love the strength of hardwood laminated posts and often combine them with our steel frame deck options as they will not warp or twist with time. When utilised in the handrails or roof supports you achieve an amazing high end finish.

QHI National decks are outstanding quality – we use the finest materials for all our decks and patios.
We build and design decks in such a way that it looks as if the deck and house were built together, matching in design and appearance where required or taking a completely new style and blending with a traditional home. A great big deck is not just a place to sit back and relax, it reflects our Queensland commitment to our outdoor lifestyles.

A well made deck and roof combination is a profitable reward to your hardwork and reflects the beauty of your home in our gorgeous Australian climate.
We really encourage home owners to see a deck as an investment which will add retail value to the house which is usually a much greater increase in value than the cost of building the deck. A new deck is a great investment which you can enjoy as an integral part of your family life.

You can have peace of mind that all our decks are fully engineered and backed by a range of manufacturers warranties. QHI National will also take care of all of your council approval requirements as part of our management of the project.

PATIOS with STYLE Patios and Pergolas with stylish, modern and versatile designs that will impress you for years to come. Our patios are made from 100% Australian made products and represent affordable quality.   Using high tech design software, we can show you many options for your new patio. We can illustrate how a new roof will look on your house as well as giving you accurate costs for different options. Unlike many other patio builders in Brisbane we can work together with you on a number of different custom patio designs for your new patio – this design process involves using our specialist software, making it quick and easy to come up with a number of choices for your new patio. You can experiment with different features and get quick cost estimates for the different designs using different materials.   Combining the latest in roofing technology with traditional timber products gives us the ability to create a modern appearance with softness and style. We utilise Premium products from suppliers such as Bondor and Bluescope to create amazing modern designs.   Queensland Home Improvements is a 100% Australian owned and operated business. The familiar advice, “Don’t move, improve” has never been more appropriate and with the versatility to create any thing you can dream of Queensland Home Improvements are the logical choice for your patio builder. Building a new patio? Why not get the driveway concreted at the same time? This is our offer to you, covering all bases and providing all solutions to the complete picture. As you will see from our photo gallery we have solutions and services that can get your job started and completed on time and on budget.