QHI National provide a solution designed to fit onto your home, in any situation. Decking systems have come a long way over the years and the most revolutionary development has been the introduction of steel framed options for decks.

Whether the deck is 400mm up or metres off the ground, a steel frame Deck is the most cost efficient way to build! The long spanning capacity of our steel beams helps you achieve a larger, more cost effective decking area.

The BOX beams allow for the screw fixing of a variety of deck options including composite timbers and hardwood. Options to nail the deck down are also available with no extra cost. Our versatile engineering gives you a variety of choices when it comes to either attaching to the house or creating a free standing structure under 1 of the many roof options.

Combining our steel frame decks with a roof option is a ready made Home Improvement solution that is made from 100% genuine  Australian made COLORBOND steel.

With specially engineered brackets and attachments, this new generation of steel frame decks makes this the perfect option for your home. 100% Genuine, Australian made Steel for longevity and peace of mind!

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