Councils are constantly changing the requirements and documents required to build any new structure. At QHI National, we have a team that is ready to tackle what ever council throws our way.

Did you know?

Only private certifiers and council can approve a building project. Builders are not allowed to have a financial interest in the company doing the approvals for obvious reasons. 

As a builder we would engage a private certifier on your behalf (they work for you not us) and then we would lodge the correct engineering, plans and certificates to secure the permits required to build. A standard building approval should take 1- 2 weeks to have stamped and returned. Our cost and service includes the preparation and drafting of your structures plans and site plan. 

Most carports at the front of the house require a Boundary relaxation or Siting Variation. This process slows the approval down as only the council themselves can approve this part of the application. So why would you need a relaxation for the approvals? because council have rules about aesthetics and infringing on your neighbours property. 

The triple whammy is also having a "service" line under or in the area of your proposed structure. If that's the case you will also need a permit to build over and this requires some specific engineering and process.  

Not that we are listing this to scare you off. The fact is none of these things should stop you form enjoying the lifestyle you choose. Your home is your castle. We want to help you achieve your dream living space. 

True story.... 

"Gavin from Tingalpa" recently had a new 6 x 6 COLORBOND Carport installed at the front of his house by QHI National.

The structure required all of the following permits.

1. A Standard building permit 

2, A Boundary relaxation 

3. A Build over sewer permit. 

The process took 6 weeks to get approved and we had the Carport on site and built 3 weeks after. 

Total process from signed contract to completion was 9 weeks total. 

Its not all doom and gloom. It can be realistic and progress will be achieved if you trust professionals to do the job. 

We encourage all of our clients to secure a site visit with 1 of our team, confirm your dimensions and get accurate and honest answers on the approvals. 

We will get your project approved - Guaranteed. 

Standard building permits and relaxation costs for all South East QLD councils are listed here. 

PRO TIP  - Keep in mind when comparing Building Approval costs that some companies hide the Building Approvals cost in the supply and install price of the structures , thus making it look cheaper but you are still paying for it!

Collection: Building Approvals for your Project