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Balustrades & Handrails- Supplied and Installed-QHI

Balustrades & Handrails- Supplied and Installed-QHI

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The installed price is $ Per Square Metre

Balustrade or Handrail options for your deck, landing and staircase are many and varied. Here we have tried to map out some of the available options that give you an easy reference point when planning your deck project.

Timber Vertical Balustrade -

Made from pre primed pine and using a traditional look with your choice of top rail options. This mimics a traditional Queensland look. Things that vary the price include the number of posts required, the spans of the balustrade between posts, height of stairs and size of landing that also require balustrade.

Picture shown below.

Vertical pre primed balustrade pine for decks

Vertical Metal Panels -

Fabricated from genuine Bluescope steel (not aluminium) this is our most popular option as it is maintenance free, fast to install and can be combined with hardwood top rails for a soft and natural look. Standard colours are White, Cream and Black however we can have them powder coated in a colour of your choice (some extra cost may apply)

Metal Balustrade - no timber top rail - $265 per lineal metre supplied and installed. Addition of timber top rail to the metal as shown in picture below adds a further $85.00 per lineal metre to the balustrade cost making it $350.00.

vertical metal balustrade with timber top rail.

Stainless steel cables -

These have certainly been popular for many years. We have seen them evolve from only requiring 7 cables to now needing as many as 13 in most applications. We only use marine grade stainless steel. The cables can not spread further than 85mm in total once installed. They are a safe and building code compliant option. They are generally maintenance free as well.

Stainless cables start at $350 per lineal metre supplied and installed.

Picture shown below of the stainless cables installed, these are usually combined with hardwood posts and timber top rails.

stainless cable balustrade

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