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Building Approval Assessment - New South Wales-QHI

Building Approval Assessment - New South Wales-QHI

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Will I be able to get approval?

This is the looming question plaguing many homeowners embarking on their home improvement journey. Navigating the intricate web of local and state regulations can be a daunting and confusing task, spending hours on the phone, and even receiving conflicting information.

The team at Approval Masters have taken the uncertainty out of the approval process and can guide you towards a smoother, stress-free journey.

Your $1065 New South Wales Building Approval Assessment provides you with the vital information you need to make informed decisions about your project's feasibility and cost.

How It Works:

1. Project Details: Approval Masters will gather details about your project from you, and from the team at QHI National.

2. Information Gathering: Their experts will do the research, collect data, and communicate with local council, building certifiers and town planners on your behalf to assess your project against local planning schemes, as well as state and national regulations.

3. Comprehensive Proposal: You receive a detailed proposal that outlines your project's compliance, and a transparent cost estimate. No nasty surprises! Your $1065 Assessment fee is even deducted from your total fee.

4. You Decide! Armed with this information, you can make an informed decision on your best path forward. Let Approval Masters project manage your entire building approval, or lodge yourself.

Don't let red tape hold you back!

A standard project-managed building approval with Approval Masters in New South Wales starts from $2,950 and includes site plan drafting, council application fees, approval issued by a private building surveyor, all required inspections and a final inspection certificate.

A standard approval is considered capable of being approved by a private building certifier as a Complying Development Certificate.

If you choose Approval Masters to project manage your entire building approval, your Building Approval Assessment Fee is deducted from their total proposal cost, otherwise, the fee is non-refundable.

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