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Deck and Roof- 9m x 4m- Supply & Install-QHI

Deck and Roof- 9m x 4m- Supply & Install-QHI

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9m x 4m Steel Deck Frame with Hardwood 90 x 19mm Merbau Decking and your choice of Non-Insulated Roofing.

Specifications - Steel Deck frame with our famous BOX Beam support system up to 2400mm from ground height - attached to the house wall. The steel deck frame has 90 x 19mm Merbau Decking screw fixed to the steel frame with a counter sunk flush finish galvanized fastening system.

The total deck floor size is 9000mm x 4000mm or 36m2.

The deck features a Vertical Timber Balustrade made from pre-primed pine and your choice of 3 top rails in traditional Queensland look. The roof is attached to either the wall of the house or the fascia/gutter line depending on the home. The roof has a premium, flat underside look and is Non-Insulated.

The roof has a gutter, edge flashings, waterproof connections and a 90mm PVC down pipe to ground level. All the BOX beams and the roof metal is genuine BlueScope Steel and features the famous 20-year COLORBOND warranty.

This is a fantastic Deck & Roof combination that matches a really good price point with the very best AUSTRALIAN made products and installed the A team crew at QHI National.

Further upgrade options are also available - These can include-

  • Options to add stairs - upto 14 treads with side balustrades matching the decking balustrade - $5,200.00 Inc GST. Treads are hardwood and the stair stringers are genuine Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel for longevity.
  • Upgrade to Insulated Roofing- VERY Popular these days!
  • Change to a FLYOVER style roof.
  • Change the edge Balustrades to another style.
  • Add a staircase landing- Usually a 1m x 1m.
  • Make the Deck and/or Roof Larger
  • Add Skylight sheets to the roof.
If you are ready to move forward on your project just purchase the $279.00 locked in site visit, confirm all the exact specifications for your project and lets get it moving the Queensland way!

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